Volunteer Incentive

We always say: “We can’t do it without you!” And, we truly can’t, but sometimes just saying ‘THANK YOU’ isn’t enough! Your time is valuable, yet you chose to donate it to help us, so we would like to reward those volunteers who go the extra mile to help us help homeless pets! Here are couple ways we want to do to show our appreciation for you:

1.     Earn Points for Volunteer of the Month – Every act of volunteerism earns you points. You can perform multiple acts for one initiative. For example, if we host a garage sale, and you get items donated, you get points. If you help promote it on social media, that’s more points. If you help out at the garage sale, even more points. The volunteer with the most points at the end of the month will be eligible to receive a gift card, either Starbucks, Costco, a restaurant gift card, etc. To win, you MUST be active during that month in any form of volunteering: fostering, events, persistent social media outreach (sharing posts, encouraging others to do the same, etc.) transporting, fundraising, writing – anything that is you donating your time! We will pick one volunteer a month who truly goes the extra mile! Here’s the scale of points:

  • Fostering – 20 pts
  • Coordinator (adoption, volunteer, foster) – 20 pts
  • Event participation and planning – 15 pts
  • Fundraising – 15 pts
  • Social media outreach – 10 pts
  • Dog walking – 10 pts
  • Transport – 5 pts
  • Writing – 5
  • Home checks – 5 pts
  • Administrative – 5 pts

To log and track your points, go to: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L-EjDIo1_yGnjKTYQqENPRfB3-oBIAw20frlN1R_7PQ/edit#gid=0

2. Events prize: One volunteer will get a prize for their participation in major events, like fundraisers, Pet Expo or Strut Your Mutt. Participation must be all-inclusive to be eligible. For example, for Strut Your Mutt, you would need to help us build the team, participate the day of, help promote our team, etc. Prizes will include tickets to Disney Land, Duffy rides, massages… Things that will be relaxing and fun!

To apply to become a volunteer for Paw Prints in the Sand, please fill out our volunteer application at www.pawprintsinthesand.org/volunteer

We cannot thank you enough for your support and want to reward you for it!