Pets and 4th of July fireworks don’t mix!

Did you know:  Animal control officers across the country have reported up to a 60% increase in shelter intakes between July 4 – July 6? The most they see all year!

Many animals get very frightened and stressed at the sight and sound of fireworks!

So what should you do to keep your pets safe?

  • Designate a safe place in your home your pets can retreat to during the festivities. Put on the TV or soft, calming music.
  • Make sure they get plenty of exercise IN THE MORNING while it’s still cool to help them relax more.
  • Make sure they are wearing tags and their microchips are up to date. ** If you don’t have tags, go to your local pet store and get one printed. Need a microchip? Go to your vet or ask a local rescue organization if they can help.
  • Take a recent photo in the unfortunate event your pet does freak out and take off so you can make flyers to put up around your neighborhood and at your local vet offices. Make sure to check the shelters if your pet goes missing. Give them a photo and description of your pet along with a couple of good contact numbers in case your pet in brought in by a good samaritan or animal control officer.
  • Keep them at home. They don’t need to join you in the fun. They are actually happier at home anyway.
  • Consider boarding at your vet overnight to ensure they are safe.
  • Try calming products such as a Thunder Shirt calming vest, CBD oil, Benadryl, or essential oils.
  • If your pets get extra stressed and the over-the-counter remedies don’t work, speak with your vet about a prescription.

ALSO be mindful of other 4th of July factors such as BBQs and toxic foods, firework debris, and the heat (hot concrete, heatstroke, hot cars, etc.) Make sure they have access to cool shade and plenty of water.

Finally, make sure to keep the contact information for your Emergency Vet or your Veterinarian handy in case of an emergency.

We want the 4th of July holiday to be just as enjoyable for your pets as it is for you. These tips will help!