There is no better way to make a difference in a rescue pet’s life than providing him/her with a loving forever home! To view a list of our adoptable pets, please click the ‘Meet Our Pets’ button below to view our adoptable pets.

When you adopt from Paw Prints in the Sand, you have the peace of mind knowing that all of our pets are microchipped, spayed or neutered, up-to-date on all vaccinations, healthy* and have received basic training.

 Adoption Process:

1. We require an adoption application, which can be filled out below.

2. Once we receive that, we will contact you to conduct a phone interview.

3. After we’ve had the chance to get to know you and feel you would make an awesome pet parent for the pet in which you’re interested, we’ll schedule a meet and greet with you and the pet.

4. We require an in-home home check (not virtual) for all adoption candidates.

5. We are in California and do not do out of state adoptions.

6. If approved, we will send you the payment options available to pay the adoption fees. Fees vary depending upon type, age and breed of the pet, but the average adoption donation is $300.

7. All fees go towards our life-saving programs and are not considered tax-deductible**.

8. All of our rescue pets are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption WITH THE EXCEPTION OF PUPPIES. If you are interested in adopting a puppy, we require a $100 spay/neuter deposit. ALL puppies must be fixed by 6 months of age NO EXCEPTIONS (other than a current health issue). We cover the cost of the procedure to be performed at one of our partner vets.

9. FINALLY! Once the adoption fee and agreement are received, we will make arrangements with you to take home your new family member! Congrats!


All of our animals are in foster homes throughout Southern California. If you are interested in meeting one of our pets, please contact us at or fill out the adoption application below. You can also meet our pets at one of our adoption events located at Petco Stores around Orange County. For a list of events, please visit our Events page.

Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we cannot accommodate out-of-state adoptions at this time. If you are looking to adopt a new family member, please visit your local shelter or contact animal rescues in your area. You can also check for pets in need of a forever home in your area on adopt-a-pet,, or your local Petco.

*Some of our rescue pets may have behavior issues or pre-existing health conditions. We discuss any and all health issues that may exist with interested adopters prior to adoption.

**Because fees are received in exchange for your pet, adoption fees typically are not considered a donation. Please consult with your tax professional for more information.


Please contact your vet and let them know that our rescue will be contacting them for reference purposes. Without your consent, your vet cannot release information to us.
ADOPTION POLICIES: At Paw Prints in the Sand Animal Rescue (PPITS), we believe all pets deserve to live in a clean and loving home where they are considered a valued member of the home and family. Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be able to adopt one of our pets. We carefully screen all of our applicants and review every application and situation to ensure our pets find the perfect home. Any incomplete application, false or misleading information provided on this application is grounds for refusal. In addition: (1.) We only adopt to homes where the pet will live indoors as a family member. We do not allow pets to be left outdoors while their guardians are at work or away for long periods of time. (2.) All pets are fixed prior to adoption. If the pet is too young to be spayed or neutered upon adoption, you agree to spay/neuter the pet you adopt from PPITS as soon as the pet is medically able to be spayed or neutered. Any other pets in the same household MUST also be spayed or neutered NO EXCEPTIONS*. (3.) We reserve the right to do a home check at any point after the adoption. (4.) Some of our pets are older or may have a medical condition. Should this be the case with the pet you are interested in adopting, additional requirements may have to be met by the adoptive family. (5.) All applicants must be at least 21 years of age, or have the consent and knowledge of all adults living in your home. IF YOU RENT, you must provide a copy of your rental agreement, or your landlord's name, phone number, and email address. We reserve the right to refuse any adoption applicant for any reason. (6.) You agree to return the pet you adopted from PPITS to us if you can no longer care for it. (7.) You grant PPITS, its representatives, volunteers and employees the right to take photographs of you, your family and/or your PPITS rescue pet in connection with any PPITS marketing and fundraising initiatives. You authorize PPITS, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or online mediums. You agree that PPITS may use such photographs of me, my family and/or your PPITS rescue pet with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content. PLEASE TYPE YOUR INITIALS IN THE SPACE BELOW TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO OUR ADOPTION POLICIES *
LIABILITY WAIVER: I am aware that I am adopting a pet that has received basic behavioral or socialization training. I understand that the pet I adopt from PPITS may have behavior concerns that may require additional training. I am also aware that the pet I adopt from PPITS has been treated for any known medical conditions. I understand that the pet I adopt from PPITS may have pre-existing health conditions. I agree to have the pet I adopt from PPITS to be evaluated and treated as necessary by my personal veterinarian. I hereby waive, release, and discharge any and all claims and damages for personal injury, death, or property damage which I may sustain or which may hereafter accrue as a result of any negligence or misconduct of PPITS. I agree to indemnify and to hold free and harmless PPITS, its Directors, Officers, and/or agents, including their heirs, agents, representatives, successors and assignees from any and all injury and/or property damage, claims, losses, liability, damage, expenses, fees including attorney fees, costs, and judgments that may be asserted against PPITS which I may incur or sustain or that result from the acts or omissions of PPITS its employees and agents or acts, negligence, or omissions on my behalf. I hereby confirm that all the above information is true and correct. I understand that submission of this application does not necessarily mean that I will be approved for adopting and that Paw Prints in the Sand Animal Rescue reserves the right to reject any applicant. I authorize you to verify any and all information set forth in this application and contact my personal references. Your electronic signature below confirms all information provided is true and accurate and you agree to our adoption policies set forth above. PLEASE TYPE YOUR INITIALS IN THE SPACE BELOW TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO OUR LIABILITY WAIVER *
From time to time, PPITS will be required to share information that it considers confidential in nature. However, all PPITS related business and information should be considered private and confidential. Please review our confidentiality agreement at By placing your initials below, you acknowledge and agree to our Non-Disclosure Agreement
By signing below, you agree to all terms and conditions stated above and affirm that information provided is true and accurate.