Our Programs

Paw Prints in the Sand strives give pets a better life with generous support of our donors. We provide various programs to help us achieve our mission of reducing shelter over population and pet euthanasia and save as many lives as possible. If you would like to make a donation towards a specific program, please select one of the options below.


The ‘From Shelter to Service’ Program is designed to rescue eligible dogs from high kill shelters that are at risk of euthanasia and train them to become service dogs for combat veterans or anyone who suffers from a medical condition and requires a service or stability dog to improve their quality of life.


Help us reduce shelter over population and needless euthanasia by supporting our spay/neuter program. This also includes microchipping and all required shots to help prevent common and often life-threatening illnesses.


Many of the pets we rescue are medical and special needs. With your help, we can provide our rescue pets with the care they need to live a happy, healthy life!


Senior pets make up the bulk of the 1.2 million animals that are put to death annually in our nation’s shelter system. Murray’s Purpose is dedicated to providing hospice care for at-risk senior pets in local Southern California kill shelters.


The Seniors for Senior Foster Program is designed to help save and enrich lives by rescuing senior shelter pets and giving senior citizens in retirement homes and assisted living facilities the opportunity to foster and care for them.


Sadly, every year, millions of pets are killed in our nation’s shelter system. We cannot save a life without a dedicated foster home in place. Fostering is only temporary, but it changes the entire life of an animal in need.


Many of the dogs we rescue came from difficult backgrounds of neglect and abuse. Through our training and rehabilitation program, these dogs have the opportunity to become the perfect pet we’ve always dreamed of.


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