We always strive to match the right pet with the right family. Check out what some of our adopters have to say about their family member that they adopted from Paw Prints in the Sand:

“Buttercup is doing amazing and is apparently a great alert dog! She alerted Jordan that she had a problem before we even realized she had one! And she is great at helping or stabilizing Jordan when getting up 🙂 she loves snuggling and so does Jordan so it is a great match. We do get the dirty looks because of her breed, but they usually change their mind after they see how good she is at her job. Jordan’s doctor has not seen such a good stability dog! Thanks to Paw Prints in the Sand, our prayers were finally answered after years of searching for the perfect companion. We found the perfect stability dog for our daughter!” – Vicki Orr, Buttercup’s adopter

“I just wanted to check in and let you know that Petey is doing good. He has a fabulous funny personality this is really coming out. I really can’t thank you enough for saving him and bringing our family together. Through our vet we found a trainer that will be working with us to get Petey certified as a service dog for my dad. On his own, he has begun to alert me when my dad has any problem at night, and he went for his 1st official outing with my dad to a doctor appointment. Petey did so great, the doctor invited Petey to come back anytime with my dad. Thank you! We are totally in love with him!” – Lynn Lee, Thor’s (now Petey) adopter

“I just wanted to tell you that I am IN LOVE with Zach. He is such a good boy… I tell him what to do, and he just does it. Like a well trained dog. He’s so intuitive and such a love bug. Thank you Paw Prints in the Sand for bringing him into my life.” – Vicki Cameron, Zach’s forever mom

“Hey PPITS! I just wanted to let you know how much we love Shmi! She has fit in to our household like a hand in a glove!  Thank you for bringing such happiness to our home!” – Jeannine Cetta, adopted Shmi (cat).

“Molly was Pet of the Week in our local paper, but to us, she’s the pet a lifetime!”

“We saw Ruthie on the Paw Prints in the Sand Facebook page, and she stole our hearts. When we first met her with her trainers, it was love at first sight! We knew she belonged with us and that she would fill the space in our hearts that we thought was totally lostNani. Ruthie is now a huge part of our family. She is our boys’ best friend, which has always been our dream- for our kids to have a furry best buddy to grow up with. Our home is again filled with lots of puppy kisses, tail wags, cuddles and love thanks to Ruthie and Paw Prints in the Sand.” – The Delgado Family