I’m Special

Welcome to the ‘I’m Special’ Collection

Paw Prints in the Sand announces its latest T-Shirt fundraising campaign: ‘Special Needs, Special Deeds’ to bring awareness to and help promote the rescue and adoption of special needs pets!

For almost four years, Paw Prints in the Sand has been dedicated to rescuing the pets that no one else will, including and especially special needs pets. By supporting our Special Needs, Special Deeds campaign, you are not only helping us raise awareness on special needs pets; you are helping to promote the rescue and adoption of those who need it most. You are also helping us save and provide care for more special needs pets that require life-long care and who wouldn’t get a second chance at life otherwise.

Shirts are available in men, women, and youth styles and sizes and designed with both cat and dog lovers in mind. We sincerely thank you for your support.